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Announcement: Online Criminal Justice Masters Degrees


Online Criminal Justice Masters Degrees

According to US News & World Report, September 2010, the rising competition and technological improvements are making online courses cheaper and better. If you are a working adult who needs to earn an advanced degree to get ahead in your Criminal Justice or other career path, an online university may be your best and lowest cost option.

You can find several top online criminal justice masters degrees, and be on your way to earning your degree fast. Online programs are typically self paced, allowing students to complete their Master Degree as fast as their motivation and schedule permit. In addition, some top universities like Kaplan University or Stanford University offer accelerated programs that may be completed in as little as 10 months.

Online Doctorate Degrees

An increasing number of universities that offer online degrees are seeing increases in enrollments of working professionals. These nontraditional adult students most often seek master’s and doctoral degrees in order to improve their credentials for better jobs or to enhance their career at their current employer.

For example, a recent study conducted by Northcentral University – an online higher education institution – reveals that the majority of its 8,000 students are 40 to 50-year-old working professionals who are seeking online doctorate degrees in order to advance in their careers.

The number of online doctorate degree programs is growing rapidly – from Business Administration to Engineering, Computer Science, Education, Nursing, Psychology and many more. Accredited online degrees are perfect for working professionals.

Online Paralegal Degrees

Are you interested in a career in law? Or do you currently work in a law office but need further education in order to get ahead in your career? Online paralegal degrees are a great way to gain the education you need. Online degrees are typically more affordable, and may be earned faster than traditional on-campus degree programs, while still gaining the same knowledge and skills you will need to be successful in a legal assistant position.

There are several online education options available for those interested in pursuing a career as a paralegal. You can start with a career training diploma, which can help you get your foot in the door of a law office as a legal assistant. If you seek more responsibilities and interesting projects, then you may want to consider earning an Associates or Bachelor degree online in Paralegal Studies.

Working in the legal field is not only an interesting and rewarding career path, but also a growing occupation for which there will be many opportunities for well training paralegals in the coming years. The US Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics reports that the legal field will be expanding faster than the average for all occupations over the next 10 years, making it a recession proof career choice.

Is an Online Degree a Good Option for You?

Online degrees aren’t for everyone. eLearning students must be self-motivated, disciplined and mature. In addition, good time management skills are necessary, especially if the student is holding down a full-time job, while working toward a degree. However for some students, online degrees are a wonderful alternative to the traditional campus program!

Age is not a factor. Some graduating high school students, or current college students may benefit from working, while earning a degree in their spare time online, in addition to the more typical online student who is older. For some, it is a matter of economics. An online degree program tends to be more cost effective. In addition to the fact that students save money because they don’t have to commute or relocate to a campus location, they don’t have to move, and can work and earn money now rather than foregoing income for 2-4 years or more.

Online degrees are available in hundreds of disciplines through many top tier accredited colleges and universities. You may earn an Associate, Bachelor, Master, or even a Doctorate degree entirely online in many of those majors.